• Work with multiple laboratories
  • Check compliance with legal requirements and business requirements
  • Intelligent analysis management
  • Consolidate analysis of laboratories, suppliers and customers
  • Check your data and statistics
  • Reduce costs
  • Avoid duplicities
  • Private and confidential

Manage your information more efficiently without registration costs. Receiving and sharing information is free. Compare your productive system with that of the competition.

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Do you have a specific need?

Do you need a specific application?

Check compliance

Against MRLs, ARfDs, Negative Lists of NGOs or International Conventions and the requirements of their clients and internal requirements.

Exchange of information

Grant access to relevant information to different users within your organization or share externally selected analytics automatically.

Notifications and alarms

Customize your notifications according to your needs. Set your personal alarms and receive notifications on your phone or email.

Make comparisons

Compare your productive system or that of your suppliers with the competition through statistics and graphics.

Protect your business

Your data 100% confidential, private and secure.


Get notifications of emerging problems.


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