• Rapid and simple sustainability indicators
  • Water Footprint and Water Management
  • Self-evaluation of the online provider
  • The key parameters are calculated automatically
  • Interactive Maps
  • GIS information
  • It allows entering data of producer groups
  • Carry out your own evaluations

Calculate the water footprint in your supply chain in a very simple and cost-effective way. View information in reports and interactive maps with filters.

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Do you have a specific need?

Do you need a specific application?

Improve water management

Calculate the water footprint by crop and farm to identify opportunities for improvement. Calculate sustainability indicators for any crop anywhere.

Manage and interrogate data

Run queries and statistics. Manage the evolution over time.

Guided online self-assessment

Requires minimum data entry from the producer. Climatic data and calculations are executed in the background.

Data privacy

100% private evaluations are stored securely.

Protect your business

Identify crops, places and suppliers where the availability of water can be a threat.

Share information with producer groups

Once the information is loaded, it can be shared online without cost.


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