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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under gran agreement No 815929.

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Supply chain platform. Managing due diligence, customer requirements and supplier compliance

The working group is deciding which functionalities need to be developed and the priority. Some of the functionalities that will be discussed are:

  • Creating my supply chain. Relationships between companies.
  • Company and farm profiles
  • Define requirements
  • Allocate requirements
  • Visualize compliance
  • Certifications (GLOBALG.A.P., BRC, IFS, Organic, F2F, …)
  • Grower lists
  • Customer specific requirements (undertaking, policies, specifications).
  • Specification portal
  • Documentation portal.
  • Audits and inspections.
  • On-line questionnaires
  • Purchase orders and loading plans
  • Task manager.

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The Fresh Produce Consortium and Food Experts have created a technical working group to develop a supply chain platform (SCP) system that fits the needs of the industry. The SCP aims to help producers, traders, importers and retailers manage due diligence, customer requirements and supplier compliance.
The SCP will be developed to:

Provide value to all operators in the supply chain, from producers to retailers.

Serve as a one stop shop that can be used to comply with multiple customer requirements and manage all the supply chain.

Interact with other FoodExperts modules (PPPLs, Analysis, Quality, Water Footprint, etc.)

Interact with exiting system and database


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