• Manage product quality
  • Product life
  • Data capture with smartphones or tablets
  • More efficiency
  • Harmonize teams
  • Application for Android and iOS phones
  • Reduce waste and costs
  • Quick and agile communication

It allows to keep suppliers and customers informed. Identify the problems and focus the resources. Compare your productive system with that of the competition.

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Do you have a specific need?

Do you need a specific application?

Data capture with smartphone or tablet

Through templates that can be customized. Code bar reader. Upload of photos. Calculations, annotations and interpretations.

Manage and consult data

100% private reports and stored safely. The platform system allows executing queries and statistics.

Manage and harmonize teams

Globalize procedures and harmonize the collection and processing of data from independent external and internal teams. Permissions per person.

Exchange of information

Automatic distribution of information within your company. Share reports with clients, suppliers or partners according to the needs of your company.

Reduce costs

Eliminate unnecessary duplication and reduce costs.

Reduce waste and stock rupture

This system allows managing the data to facilitate decision making.


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